The “Energy Transparency” platform and RAS’s involvement

In August – September 2016, the Ministry of Energy initiated a dialogue with the non-governmental sector on increasing transparency in Romanian energy state owned enterprises (SOEs). The discussions that took place aimed at firstly providing an evaluation of the present situation and secondly, identifying measures to tackle subjects such as integrity, business best practices and institutional transparency. The end result was a collaboration protocol between the Ministry and 9 NGOs working on good governance, anticorruption and transparency issues.

5 SOE priority areas were identified and subgroups, which gathered those NGOs who committed to each problem area, were formed:
1. Public procurement;
2. Conflicts of interest and incompatibilities;
3. Ethics;
4. Transparency and open data;
5. Whistleblowing.

The aim of each of the subgroups is to analyze the situation, create and, ultimately, implement pilot action plans pertaining to each sector in one SOE.

Two events took place within this initiative in September 2016.

The first was a training for Ministry staff on the open data concept, which types of information are open from a legal point of view, what is the legislation on the matter and why is the reuse of public data important.
More information on this event (in Romanian) is available here

The second gathered representatives from all the SOEs under the Ministry of Energy’s authority and the NGOs with the aim to present to them the purpose behind the Transparency in Energy platform and the 5 priority areas.
More information on this event (in Romanian) is available here

More information on the initiative (in Romanian) is available here

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