Volume 14, number 1 of the Romanian Journal of Political Science (PolSci)

poza Vol 14, no 1

PolSci Volume 14, number 1 (Summer 2014) comprises articles which deal with the general topic of political communication by touching upon themes such as the use of social media by political parties, Euroscepticism and the national identity discourses of ethnic minorities. The first article employs sentiment analysis to empirically examine the use of Twitter for political purposes in Slovenia. The second investigates the discourse of Vaclav Klaus on the Euro and European integration by using the critical discourse analysis method. The third article presents the perceived national representations of the Hungarian minority in Romania by using the information gathered via a focus group with members of this ethnic group. The fourth features an examination of domestic fiscal rules in EU member states and the Fiscal Compact. The fifth studies what impact the new CEE European Union member states have on the Common Agricultural Policy. Lastly, this issue of PolSci presents two book reviews: Korany and El-Mahdi’s “Arab Spring in Egypt. Revolutions and Beyond” and Aalto, Harle and Moisio’s “International Studies: Interdisciplinary Approaches.”

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