Central and Eastern Europe – Regressing? (I)

Adhesion to the European Union Is Not “End of History”“

Less than twenty years ago, the countries that have just now joined the European Union made up “the other Europe”. They were broke and starving. Citizens were dealing with empty shelves in stores, the lack of any right to owning a passport and the intrusion of the formidable Communist secret services to their private lives. However, after the fall of the Soviet Union, these states rebuilt themselves from a socioeconomic standpoint and became European Union and NATO members. Foreign investment is becoming increasingly consistent,  and the public has access to what is left of the Secret Services’ archives. According to textbooks that discuss transitions toward democracy, Central and Eastern Europe is a successful model. However, in Brussels – the new Aulic metropolis of these countries on the periphery of Europe – concerns on the politics of new member states is growing. It is thus mandatory that we find an explanation to the concern caused by these countries which seem to be doing so well in so many respects.

Excerpted from an article published on January 7, 2008 in the APEL press network


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