Europe as a Democracy Promoter

PolSci, vol 5, no 2 – 2005

When does Europe work best? When Europe is just an incentive, as in Ukraine or Turkey, or when Europe already has EU conditionality mechanisms working, as in Croatia or Romania? The answer, after this last fall, seems far from obvious.
Undeniably, the opportunities for political integration of the periphery into the European center matter enormously for democracy, and no other continent benefited more from the presence of a democratic and economically attractive center. The so-called economic and democracy ‘gravity’ models (the periphery is attracted to the center) can plausibly be set in motion to work alongside each other, and in the ideal case generate synergetic benefits. Gains from trade and inward investment may ease the politics of the democratic transition. The credibility of the ongoing democratic transition should enhance the quality and perceived reliability of the investment climate. This becomes then a double, interactive, politico-economic gravity model. The battered concept of transition is validated easier in a European context, because it is a voyage to a known destination.
Summary and abstracts:
1. Summary
2. Foreword
3. I am optimistic about Romania’s future – by Quinton Quayle
4. The Black Sea as Epicentre – by Michael Emmerson
5. The EU as Democracy Promoter.The case of Ukraine – by Irina Solonenko
6. Assisting state-building in the Balkans:The Case of Macedonia – by Islam Yusufi
7. The Role of Constitutional Courts in Post-Communist Transition – by Raluca Maierean
8. Review

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