Assessing the Cooperation and Verification Mechanism for the Judiciary System (2010)

The project was the first time Romania undertook a comprehensive analysis of the real effects produced by the Cooperation and Verification Mechanism (CVM) in the field of Justice, in several key sectors of Romania’s anti-corruption policies. The research activities that the project included documented the tangible effects of the SVM, compared to the initial intentions of the institution which had proposed this instrument, the European Commission. The final part of the project included advocacy actions and recommendations regarding the post-2009 evolution of the CVM. It was a veritable opportunity for civil society and Romanian institutions to contribute to the development of this policy right where it mattered – in Brussels.

The project’s scope was to provide Romanian and European policy decision makers with a relevant analysis regarding the practical functionality of the conditions imposed by Europe on anti-corruption policies, with a view to render these conditions more efficient.

The project evaluated the CVM’s effects in the following areas:

  1. The Supreme Magistrates’ Council’s ability to develop and implement ethical and integrity standards;
  2. The evolution of human resource policies in the legal profession and their implications on the act of justice and the struggle against corruption;
  3. The effects of the CVM on the dynamics of the Romanian political scene, with an accent on the internal debates within Romanian parties and the selection of party members;
  4. Evaluating the factors that facilitated the approval and implementation of EU-imposed conditions in the anti-corruption policy field (by testing academic hypotheses in the field).

Each report benefited from a conference, during which report and debate conclusions were discussed with relevant decision makers from the research field tackled by each report, as well as with target group and beneficiary representatives.

The project was finalized through the launch of an evaluation report on the efficiency of EU conditions, which took place in Brussels, with EC and EP officials and European-focused members of the press in attendance. The final part of the report comprised recommendations made by SAR and CRPE members to Romanian authorities and European institutions regarding the sanctioning elements and calibration of the Cooperation and Verification Mechanism as a post-2009 co-operation and control tool.

Partner: Centrul Roman de Politici Europene

Implemented from January 2010 to September 2010

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