From Democratization to normal Politics

PolSci, vol 5, no 1 – 2005

As European enlargement stopped at the border of transformations which have succeeded prior to European involvement, both the experience of successful transition countries and their commitment to continue enlargement further to the Western Balkans and Western FSU countries may prove invaluable assets.
The aborted or failed transformations in Wider Europe countries needs instruments that Europe, with its limited arsenal of programs, is clearly lacking. It needs regional expertise and mobilization of domestic civil societies. Both can be summoned more easily by a think-tank than a supranational bureaucracy. It is time for thinktanks in Europe.
Summary and Abstracts:
1. Foreword
2. Democratization without decommunization – by Alina Mungiu Pippidi
3. Are the Balkan Eu candidates different? – by Michael Ardovino
4. The “normalisation” of party systems and voting behavior in Eastern Europe – by Daniel Boschler
5. Social actors in a political game. The Romanian political elite and democratization 1989-2000 – by Irina Culic
6. Post-communist political symbolism – by Cosmina Tanasoiu
7. Public-private partnership between euphoria and disillsionment – by Dieter Angerer and Gerhard Hammerschmid
8. Polsci Lectures – “Do we really know how to promote democracy”? by Francis Fukuyama

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