Awards Ceremony for the “Unleashing the press” and “Writing Combats Discrimination” competitions

The Romanian Academic Society and the Policy Center for Roma and Minorities organized on Friday, 17th of April, the Awards Ceremony for two competitions: “Writing Combats Discrimination” and “Unleashing the press”. The event took place at InSpayer Bistro in Bucharest and brought together civil society activists, journalists, bloggers and representatives of public institutions.

Both competitions were addressed to bloggers and journalists and aimed rising awareness about discrimination, especially against the Roma, and encouraging civic participation.

For the contest entitled “Unleashing the press” were selected 5 winning articles from 27 entries. The most popular category was Investigation where we received 14 materials; followed by Editorial with 9 and Multimedia with 4.

The winners for each of the three categories were:
InvestigationLaura Turdean with “AGS, gonit din Bihor, prospectează cu succes prin judeţul Satu Mare” and Andreea-Claudia Dogaru with „O noapte furtunoasă. Votul românilor rătăciţi în Turnul Babel”.
MultimediaDollores Benezic with „Cum explică un senator de ce a votat legea securismului cibernetic”.
EditorialGeorge Balaur „Despre ora de religie în școli” and Dollores Benezic with “Cum stăm cu moralitatea, noi ăștia educaţi în comunism”.

The “Writing Combats Discrimination” contest also had 3 categories: Investigation, Portrait and Editorial. The most popular category was the Editorial one, for which the organizers have received 11 applications. For the Investigation category there were 6 entries and for the Portrait category only 3.

The winners for each of the three categories were:
InvestigationAlexandra Filip with “Straturile Vălenilor”;
Portrait  –Andra Camelia Cordos with „1939 kilometri de supravieţuire într-un holocaust pierdut”; and
Editorial  – Mădălina Szelmenczi with „Rasismul la români”.

Each of the winners received a prize of 150 USD and for those categories were where 2 winning articles the prizes were 75 USD.

During the Award Ceremony the organizers and guest speakers presented the competitions, talked about the role of independent and bloggers journalist in promoting good governance and equality and a diverse and pluralistic society, and handed the award diplomas to the winners. Also, the ceremony was a great opportunity for networking between activists, bloggers and journalists. 

This award ceremony was organized in the framework of the projects “Capturing the Populist Agenda” financed by the Think Tank Fund – OSF, and “No disgRACE in this electoral race!” financed by the Think Tank Fund and Roma Initiatives Office – OSF.

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  1. Adriana says:

    Cred ca evenimentul nu a fost foarte mediatizat, cu siguranta s-ar fi bucurat de mai multi participanti.

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