Hotnews – SAR Report: National Energy Regulator Shld Become Independent from Gov’t to Face Up to Political Pressure

The National Energy Regulation Authority (ANRE) lost its budget autonomy last year. This affects the institution’s independence and the European Commission threatens to being infringement procedures against Romania in March 2011, according to a report compiled by the Romanian Academic Society (SAR). According to the report, ANRE must regain its independence and gain its own income from license taxes, in order to resist political pressure. According to SAR, political pressure has been inflicted in the past, to the end of maintaining low electrical power and gas prices.

“The European Commission states that, in order to avoid political influences, the ANRE must have its own budget, from license taxes. The European Commission’s reaction was severe – it sent a letter that threatened infringement procedures as of March 2011,” said SAR representative Ana Otilia Nutu.

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