Hotnews – Romanian Academic Society: Romania Ranks Last in EU on Health System Spending

Romania ranks last in the European Union in matters of health system spending, expressed as a percentage of  its GDP; we’re not better off when it comes to allotting money from inside the system either, as results indicate that Bulgaria has surpassed us in this respect, too. The conclusions are included in the “Health System Crisis and Reform”, developed by the Romanian Academic Society (SAR), which indicates that we’re doing poorly in terms of human and material resources, while the Romanian health system encourages in-hospital treatments.

If we take into account all health-related expenses in their broadest sense, Romania’s 2007 health expenditure was only 4.7% of its GDP. Although comparative data indicates that health expenses grew faster in Romania during the 2003-2008 interval than in other EU-member states, they still did not keep up with the GDP’s explosive dynamic of that same period, the SAR report shows. This explains why, during the economic boom, the proportion of health-related expenses of the GDP actually dropped from 5.2% in 2000 to 4.7% in 2007, while in most EU member states the health expense share of the GDP increased during that same interval.

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