Hotnews – SAR Study: Faces of the Romanian Legal System. Causes of Delays in Criminal Court Cases

One of the major deficiencies of the Romanian legal system is the slow speed of its procedures. Cases lag behind for years and years before various courts, while, in the case of the criminal system, punishing those who break the law risks being blocked by special prescription terms (this risk particularly applies to major corruption files). In most cases, unconstitutionality exceptions were identified as the main cause behind the delays, although, were one to analyze the in-court evolution of major cases, one would notice that only a part of the delays can be assigned to this mechanism. In what follows, we seek to make an inventory of the causes that lead to delays in criminal cases, evaluate the extent to which the small reform law passed in 2010 (or other pertinent legal measures) can solve the practical problems at hand and offer suggestions toward solving them.

Read the rest of the material here (Romanian only).

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