European Funds: Guidelines on defrauding

The platform “European Funds – guidelines on defrauding” serves as a resource for the general public and the civil society offering official information on fraud and irregularities along with studies, reports and expert evaluations. It investigates and presents the key strategies used by different groups for defrauding European funds. The website also contains information about the institutional and budgetary impact of this phenomenon as well as prevention and alert mechanisms. In terms of research focus, we aim to find the weak links in the management structure of European funds and identify ways to prevent future mismanagement and fraud. As activists, we want to raise the awareness of the general public, of institutions and of civil society about the tactics of fraud when it comes to EU money and about their consequences.

The website has four main sections:

  • Resources: information about the most important reports and studies dedicated to misdeeds connected with the management of EU funds. This section also includes an overview of the most commonly encountered methods of fraud and guidelines on drafting complaints;
  • Methods of defrauding: presenting the methods as they appear in the media, based on existent cases and offering a more detailed description of the mechanism than a mere presentation of the law;
  • Expert analysis: drawing attention to systemic problems or vulnerabilities as well as suggesting potential solutions and recommendations based on the facts gathered from investigations in specific cases of irregularities connected to EU funds;
  • Damages and Consequences: showing the main damage caused by irregularities in the management of European funds by organizations and institutions from Romania and their impact on project beneficiaries, the government and society in general.

This initiative is part of the project “Misuse of Public Funds in Romania Before and After EU Accession, from 2004 to 2012”, financed by the Open Society Foundations.

The website can be accessed at:

2 Responses to European Funds: Guidelines on defrauding

  1. vasile says:

    Aazi 25.03.2015, dupa ce Min. Agriculturii a anuntat cu surle si trambite, lansarea PNDR masurile 4.1 si 6.1, la interval de cateva ore au disparut de pe site, formularele Cererilor de Finantare pentru aceste masuri, in situatia in care sesiunea de inscriere este anuntata intre 25.03. 30.04.2015 !!!!. Daca nu e “o eroare de IT, cum s-a mai justificat acum 2 ani pentru “minimis”, este o mare, foarte mare, magarie, pentru a impiedica inscriere in program a celor “neprogramati”. In primul rand nu este corect sa anunti forma finala a ghidului si inceperea sesiunii de inscriere in aceasi zi, pt ca duce cu gandul la fonduri cu destinatie prestabilita preferential.

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