The Southeast Europe Coalition on Whistleblower Protection

logo_top-1The Southeast Europe Coalition on Whistleblower Protection is a coalition aimed at protecting the rights of whistleblowers, fighting corruption and promoting freedom of speech, created on 9-10 November 2015 by 12 organizations from South-East Europe. The Coalition has 28 members and partners in 12 countries (Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Kosovo, Hungary, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Romania and Serbia), the Romanian Academic Society being one of them. The Coalition has just launched its website:


The objective of the regional initiative is to build a platform on its website where journalists, activists and experts on human rights and freedom of expression can discuss about the issues whistleblowers from the region deal with.

The Coalition wants to monitor cases where various governments or companies threaten or intimidate whistleblowers. Special attention will also be given to laws that fail to offer whistleblowers appropriate protection, and to laws that do offer it and are poorly implemented.

Another priority is the information and education of public opinion on the topic of whistleblowing. The Coalition hopes that a more informed society can improve government and corporate transparency.


Donor: National Endowment for Democracy

Implementation Period: 15 May 2016 – 15 November 2017

Budget: $68.000

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