Launching of the 2015 SAR Annual Policy Analysis and Forecast Report

The Romanian Academic Society (SAR) launched, on Thursday February 26th, its annual report, accompanied by 12 good governance proposals for Romania, which look to stimulate the country’s European potential. The event, entitled “Upgrade Romania: how to maximize our country’s full potential in the European context?” was held at the European Commission’s Representation in Romania, and was streamed live on the Clean Romania platform.

Ten years have passed since the flat tax was adopted in Romania, following SAR’s recommendation in 2004. Moreover, just a few months ago the presidential elections were met with great excitement and optimism. What is today’s equivalent of the flat tax measure proposed ten years ago and what should be done to maximize our country’s full potential in the European context?

In its 2015 Annual Policy Analysis and Forecast Report, the Romanian Academic Society presents a series of recommendations entitled “12 policies for Romania”.

These include:
1. Adjusting the flat tax and creating jobs through fiscal simplification.
2. Good governance remains the best strategy for economic growth.
3. Streamlining the public procurement system.
4. A more profitable and financially autonomous anticorruption.
5. Asymmetrical decentralization with flexible geometry.
6. Finalizing the establishment of priorities for infrastructure.
7. Opening the renewable energy market to small and very small producers.
8. Stopping the brain-drain in medicine using existing resources.
9. Shifting European Union agriculture funds from consumption to investments.
10. Introducing a flexible system of royalties to balance the needs of the budget with the need for investments.
11. Securing agricultural activities so as to raise productivity.
12. Tax collection policy needs to move from penalizing to stimulating.

The speakers for the event were: Alina Mungiu Pippidi, SAR President; Angela Filote, chief of the Representation of the European Commission in Romania; Catalin Predoiu, First Vice-President of the National Liberal Party (PNL); Eugen Teodorovici, minister of European Funds; Mircea Geoana, independent senator; Bogdan Hosu, president of Cartel Alfa; Liviu Voinea, vice-governor of the National Bank of Romania (BNR); Valentin Ionescu, director of ASF; Valeriu Tabara, former minister of Agriculture; Cristian Pârvan, general secretary of the Romanian Businessmen’s Association; Bogdan Chiritoiu, president of the Competition Council; academic Lucian Albu, directorul of the Economic Forecast Institute, as well as SAR experts Sorin Paveliu and Lucian Davidescu.

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