25.02.2011: 2011 SAR Report Launch

The European Commission and the Romanian Academic Society (SAR) are happy to invite you to the launch of the 2011 SAR report, whose main themes are the state of the economy, labor market reforms and the absorption of European funds. The launch will be followed by a public debate on the major economy policy options in Romania within the European context, as part of the EC’s ‘European Perspectives’ monthly event series.

The main political agents and social partners are invited to voice their opinions on such choices as:
1. The state of the economy and forecasts for 2011.
2. Economic growth stimulation factors within the 2020 Europa Strategy context:
– problems and solutions in the work force occupancy field;
– problems and solutions regarding European funding.
2. Governance quality (state reform, road to the Euro).
3. Romania’s involvement in the European debate on economic governance (The Permanent Stabilization Mechanism, the Competitiveness Pact, the European Semester, the Stability aand Growth Pact).

Those enlisted to answer these questions are Mr. Iulian Iancu (PSD), Mr. Claudiu Doltu (PNL); Ms. Andreea Paul-Vass (PD-L); Mr. Bogdan Hossu, Cartel Alfa President; Mr. Florin Pogonaru, President of Romania’s Business Person Association (tbc); Mr. Lucian Albu, member of the Financial Council, manager if the Economic Forecast Institute; Mr. Valentin Lazea, chief economist with the Central Bank.

The event will be moderated by Alina Mungiu Pippidi (SAR) and Moise Guran (TVR) and will take place Friday, February 25, between 10:30 and 13:30 at the conference room of the European Union House, on Vasile Lascar 31, 1st floor.

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