Monitoring the Transparency of Public Procurement in Romania

The scope of this project was to contribute to the development of transparency in public procurement, by monitoring 300 public institutions. A series of petitions to disclose information regarding public procurement and relevant files was sent to these institutions, in accordance with Law 544/2001. Following the results, a set of public policies was proposed and discussed by stakeholders in interviews and later on in a conference. The effects of the monitoring activity and propositions were included in report sent out to at least 800 persons.

A number of strategic litigations were initiated in order to create a favorable jurisprudence:

  • The National Agency for Mineral Resources signed a contract with SNP Petrom taken over by OMV for exploitation in the Black Sea’s continental platform
  • AVAS signed a privatization contract with Ford
  • Metrorex: contract for advertising space
  • Eximbank: advertising and promoting services
    1st District Municipality – contract with Romprest
  • Constanta Municipality – eight contracts with press and advertising agencies, security companies and public domain maintainance

The project thus contributed to enhancing transparency in public procurement and a better access to public information.

Financed by PHARE

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