Alina Mungiu-Pippidi: “Norica and Monica”

Once upon a time, there were two young magistrates, Norica and Monica. they had both graduated from Law School and entered the prosecuting profession in a small Wallach town, sometime in the eighth decade of the past century. Monica sailed across the routine of those years with no incidents. Norica was unlucky. The police brought in a guy called Valerică as the perpetrator of a crime he hadn’t committed, and since justice was expedite, Norica got him sentenced in a jiffy. When the police did find the actual perpetrator, however, Norica gave a true measure of her character. She didn’t hold a second trial, she was content with changing the civil status data to replace the first man sent to jail with the second one. She fixed a judiciary mistake (a man had been wrongfully convicted) through forgery (the man’s sentence was switched to the actual perpetrator, against whom no trial was initiated, thereby depriving him of his right to a defense). Norica did receive a warning, because there were check-ups during Communism, too, to maintain a semblance of legality.
The history post Romania’s accession to the European Union is well known. Parliament heaves a sigh of relief that it doesn’t have to pretend anymore and throws out Monica, the warrant of European contracts. Nothing can now stop Norica from becoming a minister.
Except for the past. And the burden of this mere comparison.

Excerpted from an article published on January 22, 2008, in the APEL press network.

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  1. Dumitru says:

    E bine de stiut. Sa ne informati si cu alte cazuri doamna Alina, ca prea sunt multi politicieni cosmetizati.

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