Integrity Pacts – Civil Control Mechanism for Safeguarding EU Funds, Phase II – Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning

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The Integrity Pact (IP) is a pilot project implemented by Transparency International Secretariat and DG Regional and Urban Policy in 11 EU Member States for several EU co-funded projects by the European Regional Development Funds and the Cohesion Fund. The Integrity Pact tool aims to support collective action among all key stakeholders to foster and implement transparency, oversight and participation in specific public procurement projects so as to make it more accountable.

The Pact consists in a legally binding agreement between a government agency offering a contract and the companies bidding for it that they will abstain from bribery, collusion and other corrupt practices for the extent of the contract. To ensure accountability, the Pact also includes a monitoring system led by CSO(s) that are included in all four procurement phases: planning, bidding, bid-evaluation and contract award, contract implementation and contract finalization. The CSO(s) will flag potential wrongdoing with the parties to the agreement and should suspicion of corruption be identified, it will be notified to the relevant authorities. The monitor also goes beyond monitoring the contracting process and further seeks to support good practices within the contracting authority and private sector actors by raising recommendations for changed policies, processes or practices. The monitor also fulfills a role in reaching out to and engaging the public to increase the capacity and potential for members of the public to hold public officials engaging in public contracting to account. 

More information about the IP mechanism is available here.

General objective:

To explore and promote the use of Integrity Pacts for safeguarding EU funds against fraud and corruption, and as a tool to increase transparency and accountability, enhance trust in authorities and government contracting, contribute to a good reputation of contracting authorities, bring cost savings and improve competition through better procurement.

Specific objectives:

  • Ensure integrity and accountability in 17 projects co-financed by EU Structural and Cohesion Funds,
  • Ensure transparency and access to information in 17 projects co-financed by EU Structural and Cohesion Funds,
  • Draw lessons from this pilot for future replication and mainstreaming of Integrity Pacts.

RAS’s institutional counterpart in implementing the IP is the Management Authority of the Operational Programme for Administrative Capacity (MA OPAC) 2014-2020.

RAS’s project outputs will be the following:

  • Dedicated section on the website;
  • 6 monitoring reports;
  • 1 final policy brief on the overall monitoring experience and policy recommendations on the public procurement procedure and on the IP tool itself;
  • 1 horizontal analysis on the risks and red flags for service contracts co-funded by EASF/ERDF;
  • 2 surveys on the IP tool at the beginning and at the end of the project.

Main beneficiary: Transparency International – Secretariat (Germany)

Project partners: 

  • ActionAid International Italia Onlus in Italy,
  • Amapola – Progetti per la sicurezza delle persone e delle comunità in Italy,
  • Institute for Public Policy in Romania,
  • Romanian Academic Society,
  • Stefan Batory Foundation in Poland,
  • Transparency International Bulgaria,
  • Transparency International Czech Republic,
  • Transparency International Greece,
  • Transparency International Hungary,
  • Transparency International Italy,
  • Transparency International Latvia,
  • Transparency International Lithuanian Chapter,
  • Transparency International Portugal,
  • Transparency International Romania,
  • Transparency International Slovenia.

Implementation period: January 1, 2016 – September 30, 2019

Funded by: European Commission, DG Regional and Urban Policy

Budget: 280,781 EUR

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