Participation at the 3rd Share-PSI 2.0 workshop: Open Data Priorities and Engagement – Identifying datasets for publication

RAS researcher, Valentina Dimulescu, held a presentation at the 3rd Share-PSI 2.0 workshop, which took place on 16-17 March 2015 at the Department of Computer Science of West University of Timisoara.

The event addressed three major questions relating to the interaction between data owners and data re-users with a focus on public sector data:
1) What X is the thing that should be done to publish or reuse PSI?
2) Why does X facilitate the publication or reuse of PSI?
3) How can one achieve X and how can you measure or test it?

The topic of the session was “The Electronic Public Procurement System, open data and storytelling in Romania” and the presentation consisted in describing the experience of RAS researchers in gathering, aggregating and cleaning raw public procurement data from the Romanian Electronic Public Procurement System and in presenting best practices in the field of public procurement online data use and re-use.

The information presented during the workshop were the result of the research undertaken as part of the European Union Seventh Framework Research Project ANTICORRP – Global Trends and European Responses to the Challenge of Corruption (EU Grant Agreement number: 290529), Work Package 8 – Corruption, assistance and development.

The conclusions of the workshop can be found here.

For more information on the workshop please click here.

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