The Bridge of Good Governance

Through the „Bridge of good governance”, the Romanian Academic Society aims to contribute to increasing the transparency of public administration and to encourage good governance and compliance with human rights on both banks of the Prut, given the opaqueness of state institutions. This objective will be realized through bilateral cooperation and good practice transfer between Romania and the Republic of Moldova, through formalizing NGO coalitions between actors in the field, through monitoring and comparative analysis of the level of implementation of laws regulating the freedom of information and transparency in decision-making and through empowering citizens and civil society in the two countries to apply good governance anti-discrimination laws. The project’s target group are 500 journalists, 500 central and local public authorities, 20 online communities, 30 local activists, 2.000 online visitors of the platforms and over 15.000 subscribers to newsletters in both countries and its beneficiaries will be 30 volunteers, representatives of the institutionalized civil society, 100 NGOs, and 500 citizens interested in good governance.

The general objective of the project is to encourage good governance through bilateral collaboration and transfer of good practices between Romania and the Republic of Moldova by monitoring to what degree the legislation is implemented in three priority areas: access to information of public interest, administrative transparency and antidiscrimination.

Specific objectives:
1. Increasing the implementation of laws regarding transparency of decision-making, access to public information and antidiscrimination in Romania and the Republic of Moldova by drafting two comparative studies and making at least 5 public policy recommendations and specific actions to address the problems identified
2. Promoting good government and human rights in the two countries by organising 15 common events, through research, training, exchange of good practices, dissemination and strategic litigation
3. Encouraging bilateral cooperation between non-governmental organizations in Romania and the Republic of Moldova that are active in the area of good government, through forming coalitions and through teamwork.

Main beneficiary:
Romanian Academic Society

Academy of Advocacy
The Association of Independent Press – API (Republic of Moldova)

Implementation period: April 1st 2015 – March 31st 2016

The „Bridge of good governance” project is financed through the SEE 2009 – 2014 grants, part of the NGO Fund in Romania.

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