Policy Brief #74: Transparency of Public Institutions in Romania and the Republic of Moldova – A Challenging Ideal


More than 15 years after the freedom of information acts were passed, most public institutions in Romania and the Republic of Moldova still do not publish their annual reports. Moreover, although transparency of decision-making has been regulated in Romania since 2003, and in the Republic of Moldova since 2008, public participation in the decision-making process in either country is still feeble, partially because of a lack of understanding or capacity for involvement of the citizens, and partially because institutions are traditionally opaque.

The full policy brief can be read here.

The report is based on the following studies: Transparenţa instituţională în România şi Republica Moldova – studiu asupra respectării legilor 544/2001 şi 982/2000”, „Studiu – ancheta, privind implementarea L.52/2003, modificata in 2013 – privind transparenta decizionala a autoritatilor publice din Romania” and „Studiu – ancheta, privind implementarea L239/2008 privind transparenţa decizională a autorităţilor publice din Republica Moldova”.

This policy brief is part of the “Bridge of Good Governance” project, implemented by the Romanian Academic Society, the Advocacy Academy, and the Association of Independent Press, and financed through the 2009-2014 EEA Grants, part of the Romanian NGO Fund.

Opinions expressed in these reports do not necessarily reflect the position of the sponsor.

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