SAR released Policy Brief # 64: Why and how should we change the electoral system

The single-seat constituency election, introduced by Law 35/2008, has had a significant impact upon political corruption. Unfortunately, it did not reduce its associated phenomena, as its proponents promised voters, but the contrary effect was achieved. The number of candidates with integrity problems has increased from 143 candidates identified by the Coalition for a Clean Parliament in 2004, to 466 in the 2012 elections.

The personalization of politics and elections has also intensified political migration, an indicator of both the decrease in the cohesion of political parties and for cronyism. The preferential allocation of government funding for local constituencies was the main reason why many MPs left their party.  The single-seat constituency system has not only increased the cost of electoral campaigns, but also had negative implications for the state budget and decreased the quality of governance. Under these conditions, there is a need for reform of the electoral process in order to address political corruption.

Read the report (Romanian version)

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