SAR Policy Brief #65: The never-ending story of the state reserve fund

SAR Policy Brief #65The Romanian Academic Society has released Policy Brief #65 of July 2013, addressing the topic of the state reserve fund.

The history of the already famous state reserve fund available to the Romanian government has shown that the executive’s spending is discretionary, decided on a day by day basis and evades parliamentary scrutiny. Having won the 2012 Parliamentary elections by a large majority, the Social-Liberal Union (SLU) has corrected some of the disproportionate allocation of the reserve fund, but other flaws continue to exist: most of the costs are not justified by any emergency, a large part of the fund is used for paying arrears or financing other actions planned a long time before. SAR analyst, Madalina Doroftei has evaluated the facts and figures throughout the history of the state reserve fund, showing that discretionary allocation remains the rule. Thus this fund remains the best indicator of the irrational spending of public finances in Romania.

Read the report (Romanian version)

This policy brief is part of the “Misuse of Public Funds in Romania Before and After EU Accession, from 2004 to 2012” implemented by the Romanian Academic Society (SAR) with the financial support of the Think Tank Fund (TTF) – Open Society Foundations.

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