SAR policy brief no. 66The Romanian Academic Society has launched Policy Brief # 66 on the  Vulnerability of European Funds:  how EU money eludes us and what we can do to spend them wisely,” during a press conference held on Monday, October 14 at the Office of the Representative of the European Commission in Romania.

The study is based on a qualitative analysis of the use of EU funds in Romania, undertaken by the SAR team during March- June 2013. The Policy Brief includes a list of recommended indicators that can be followed by public authorities responsible for the spending of UE funds, beneficiaries, civil society and the media, in order to minimize the risk of fraud and irregularities with EU funds in the next budget period.

The research conducted by the SAR team aims to (1) identify the main vulnerabilities of the institutional system for the prevention of fraud and irregularities with EU funds , (2) clearly present the problems identified so as to generate discussion about their importance, as to improve the management and increase the level of absorption (3) formulate a series of recommendations for each of the identified vulnerabilities as to lay the foundations for further discussion on potential solutions.

The report can be downloaded here. (Romanian version)

This policy brief is part of the “Misuse of Public Funds in Romania Before and After EU Accession, from 2004 to 2012” implemented by the Romanian Academic Society (SAR) with the financial support of the Think Tank Fund (TTF) – Open Society Foundations.

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