SAR Policy Brief #64: The Implementation of the Principle of Decisional Transparency in Romania

This policy brief concisely presents and analyzes the key provisions of Law no. 52/2003, before and after its 2013 revisions. The report evaluates the effectiveness of this law, presents an overview of the transparency of decision-making in Romania, and formulates policy recommendations. The first section of the brief presents the legislative framework on transparency of the decision-making process, including its recent updates. The second section examines the “transparency reports” – reports on the application of Law 52/2003 – released by ministries over the past three years. It also provides a graphical representation of the information contained in these reports, revealing the degree of implementation of the law. The third section of the report focuses on the jurisprudence in cases involving public institutions (local or central) which have been sued by citizens or NGOs for failing to comply with the transparency requirements. Nine court decisions in cases involving the transparency law, are analyzed in order to draw a clear picture of the mechanisms explaining the failure to implement the law, as well as to show how it could be amended. Therefore, the report concludes with two sets of policy recommendations for improving the legal framework, thus facilitating the access of citizens and civil society to decision-making in Romania.

The report can be downloaded here.

For further details please contact Adriana Iordache:

This policy brief is part of the project „Capturing the Populist Agenda” implemented by the Romanian Academic Society (RAS) with the financial support of the Think Tank Fund (TTF) – Open Society Foundations.

One Response to SAR Policy Brief #64: The Implementation of the Principle of Decisional Transparency in Romania

  1. Mioara Radulescu says:

    Bateti campii! Uite ce va face ministrul Justitiei:
    Cititi aici:……
    Adica ce sa intelegem noi “boborul” din ce spune Toader? Ca in mărețul proiect de lege pe care deja il pregateste vor fi incluse pe langa deciziile CCR si odioasele OUG13 si amnistia???. Atentie mare ! Se pare ca proiectul nu se va supune dezbaterii publice, ci doar Guvernul si Parlamentul vor aproba aceste modificari la legea penala.Cereti ca proiectul de lege sa fie mai intai pus spre dezbatere piblica.
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    Mioara Radulescu
    Mioara Radulescu Societate Academica, puneti in fata ministrului justitiei o scrisoare …desigur “academica” si sa il convingeti ca proiectul trebuie sa fie dezbatut in societate de catre specialistii din societatea civila. Faceti cat mai repede presiunile necesare ! hai, D-na Pippidi sa te vedem acum fara tinerii frumosi si liberi in strada. Esti in stare sa faci asta????

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