Policy Warning Reports (PWR) 2003-2005

Policy Warning Reports project, aims at providing the Romanian government with objective advice from independent sources. The goal of the program is to monitor the socio-political and economic developments in order to identify the situations with crisis potential, initiate a public discussion and offer recommendations for action. Since 2001 SAR has published each year at least an annual PWR on the state of affairs in Romania and four-to-six full regular reports with sections on Society, Economy, Governance and Rule of Law.

Policy Warning Reports – read online
September 2005 The Political Scene is marred by Confusio
June 2005 The Romanian Migration and Solutions from Moldova (in Romanian only)
June 2005 The new Government in Office: Performance Assessment after 5 Months
January 2005 Forecast 2005: The Year when Romania must live up to its Promises
November 2004 Iliescu returns with a Vengeance
August 2004 Romanian Tourism: A False Start (in Romanian only)
January 2004 Annual Forecast 2004
October 2003 EU Accession
August 2003 PWR No.2
May 2003 PWR No.1

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