23.02.2010: Launch-event – Annual Policy Analysis and Forecast Report – Romania 2010


The Romanian Academic Society has launched on February 23 its Annual Analysis and Forecast report for 2010. SAR experts see a probable end to the economic crisis in 2010. At the event, the chief economist of the National Bank of Romania, Valentin Lazea, was confident we are on the right track to adopting the Euro in time. However, business people and experts warn that reforms are needed in key areas: more transparency of the administration; better corporate governance for state-owned companies; and clear, predictable, fair and equal rules for everybody.

The Report attached below in PDF proposes solutions so that Romania does not follow Greece’s mistakes.

State reform: a gentlemen’s agreement among parties for transparency and fair rules; and re-unite the presidential and parliamentary elections to avoid extended electoral campaigns

Penstion reform: age equalization for men and women, discouraging early retirement and special pensions, extending the contributions’ base

Energy reform: major private investments, abandoning the idea to create two integrated energy companies; prices and tariffs based on economic realities and market liberalization.

In addition to the report, we relaunched our Policy Blog, with the English section. All articles with an English translation are clearly marked for easy access to the English version. In the next weeks, key messages from the report and new policy issues will be posted frequently on the blog, in a friendly format.

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