Research Report: Discrimination in higher education: Perceptions, combating mechanisms and its media reflection

Coperta raport_2Equality of opportunities and the respect for human rights are two of the main principles that should characterize any democratic society. The phenomenon of discrimination in Romanian higher education had not been analyzed in a comprehensive manner until now. The present report aims to provide an overview of its scale and the existing regulations and policies set in place for combating it.

The study begins by presenting the national legislative framework applicable in the field. Then, it analyzes the internal regulations (University Charters, Codes of Ethics and Codes of Student Rights and Obligations) of 10 universities, from an anti-discrimination perspective. Next, the research exposes students’ perceptions regarding minority groups and their experience with discrimination in the university. Moreover, the study examines the role of students’ and employers’ associations in addressing cases of discrimination in the academia. The study then analyzes the jurisprudence of the National Council for Combating Discrimination in cases of discrimination in higher education decided upon over the past 5 years. The final chapter analyzes the main instances of discrimination that were covered by the Romanian media and the main patterns of representation.

The full report can be found here. (Romanian version only)

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