Press Reactions to Debate on National Anti-Corruption Strategy, Held by Alliance for Clean Romania and Justice Ministry

The debate regarding the new 2013-2014 National Anti-Corruption Strategy, organized by the Alliance for a Clean Romania and the Justice Ministry on Monday, October 3, was picked up by the central press.

  • Hotnews.roDebate on 2013-2014 National Anti-Corruption Strategy/ DGA Head: Integrity Tests in Public Institutions Might Prove Useful, by Victor Cozmei, October 3, 2011

“”I find it would be useful to introduce integrity tests as an administrative measure among civil servants. When I talk about integrity tests, I mean simulating a real situation that civil servants go through and seeing if he or she do their job properly. If people knew about these tests, they’d constitute a discouraging factor,” said Janica Arion-Tiganasu, General Anti-Corruption Directorate (DGA) General Manager, during the debate on the new National Anti-Corruption Strategy,  organized by the Alliance for a Clean Romania and the Justice Ministry on Monday, October 3. The debate also touched on anti-corruption education matters, institutional transparency, political party and electoral campaign funding.”

  • Romania-ActualitatiAnti-Corruption Strategy Comes Under Public Debate, by Diana Surdu, October 3, 2011

“The national anti-corruption strategy ensures the implementation of the recommendations reiterated several times by European Commission officials and insists on promoting institutional integrity. During the three weeks that have passed since its launch, public institutions, profit sector representatives and civil society representatives have brought arguments and have come up with solutions to the urgent problems of the anti-corruption struggle, which are, after all, priorities of the European Union.”

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