How are we teaching the exact sciences in schools? A reform proposal

The Lisbon strategy gives priority to a high quality education system. This strategy represents not only the redefinition of the content and purpose of learning, but also the improvement of access to the key competencies. Because the Romanian education system is weak, it is difficult for it to meet the standards proposed and assumed within the EU. The real value of our educational system is also determined by means of the results of the international independent evaluations, such as PISA or TIMSS. Within these tests, which are meant to test the efficiency of educational systems, Romanian students scored low.

The project proposed by us is aimed at acknowledging decision factors within the educational domain and making the public aware of the necessity to reorganize the pre-university education system for physics and mathematics. It is important that the new curriculum structure focus on the transmission of elements which are essential in the respective domains, on the development of critical thinking and on acquiring the capacity to raise issues.Duration of the project is 18 monthsWe obtained financial support from Siveco Romania SA. We are also in partnership withRomanian Cultural Institute.


• Two workshops with participation from the private sector and environment. The participants will be from the university environment, educational system authorities (the leadership of school inspectorates), people from the educations system (professors and high school principals) and representatives of local public authorities (from city halls, prefectures, county councils)

• A final conference held in Bucharest, with the participation of top policy makers and national media, involving the presentation of the project and conclusions.

• Policy proposal report: How can the pre-university education system become more attractive and comprehensible for the average student in the domain of exact sciences?

• Creating two demonstrative samples: some of the chapters in mathematics and sciences high-school manuals will be experimentally rewritten based on international good practice policies.

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