Property Restitution in South Eastern Europe (2009-2010)

The Romanian Academic Society (project leader) teamed up with Partnership for Social Development (Croatia) and the Center for Liberal Studies (Bulgaria), to win a research project undertaken in six South-East European countries (Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Bosnia, Albania and Serbia), regarding the restitution of property confiscated during the communist era. The research cast a comparative look at both the historic dimension of property confiscation (legal framework, the size of the confiscation process), as well as at the post-Communist attempts at retrocession (legal framework, procedures, results). The role of international institutions in retrocession policy-making was also scrutinized, particularly the role played by the European Court for Human Rights.

The report was presented before the European Parliament’s Petition Committee (Brusells, May 2010), as well as during the conference held by the International Union of Property Owners (Brusells, November 2010).

The report is also available on the website of the European Parliament.

The project was funded by the Petition Committee within the European Parliament

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