Inclusion Network for People with Disabilities (2008-2011)

The main objective of the project is to develop a network of high quality service providers for disabled people in Romania. This project aims towards evaluating the efficiency of the implemented policies, as well as enhancing service quality for people who are using a wheelchair, by setting up three Regional Centers of Training with a socially protected workshop status, running training and international exchange programs and developing public – private partnerships. As one of the partners in this project,

SAR will run a comprehensive research on the offer and demand for services and equipments for wheelchair users, as well as an evaluation of the already implemented sector policies. The results of this research will be used by Motivation Romania in planning their activities related to employment counseling of disabled people, and by governmental agencies for elaborating policies in the field.

The research run by SAR and Motivation Romania has already the support of the National Authority for Disabled People. The first part of the study employs a national level survey among wheelchair users. The sample is statistically significant at national level.

The second part of the study will employ qualitative research methods, including interviews with medical staff, social workers and heads of the General Departments for Social Assistance and Child Protection, focus groups and case studies.

The project will run for three years and will contribute to the improvement of the institutional setup, the quality and availability of models of services for wheelchair users.

Financed by: European Union, through ESF

Implementation period: 2008-2011


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