Romania moves up one position on the Freedom House democracy score

Freedom House published their 2017 Nations in Transit Report and Romania improves its score for the first time in 3 years. Romania is now ranked 9th overall, as a semi-consolidated democracy, surpassing Hungary in the rankings. Romania’s strongest category was Civil Society, while Independent Media was its weakest.

Romania improved its scores on National Democratic Governance and Electoral Behaviour. It did not witness any worsening of a particular score, however, the overall rating for Independent Media, Judicial Framework and Corruption remains quite high.

The region overall has seen a downturn over the past 10 years. Most hybrid regimes have turned into consolidated or semi-consolidated authoritarian regimes. Also, most EU members and candidates have seen their scores fall relative to 2007. Only 5 out 17 nations monitored have improved this past decade, and for 4 of those 5 the score improvement is marginal.

The map below shows exactly how difficult transition has been this past decade for Eastern Europe especially:

The full Report on Romania can be accessed here.
The full Report on all 29 countries can be accessed here.
For any comparisons, the 2016 Report is available here.

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