SAR and the Alliance for a Clean Romania launched the Virtual University Square

Conferinta de presaSAR and the Alliance for a Clean Romania (ARC) launched on November 12, The Virtual University Square , during a press conference held in Bucharest. The event was attended by Nicuşor Dan, the president of Save Bucharest Association, Dan Nechita, leader of the CAESAR Foundation, Mihai Dragos, president of the Youth Council of Romania, Alexandru Bajdechi, student representative, Andreea Petrut civic activist from the Alliance for a Clean Romania and George Simion, President of the Unionist Platform Action in 2012.

This initiative aims to support the political class, not to work against it. It comes as a result of the failings of corrupt and unrepresentative political parties. Many people took to the streets because they did not feel represented, while others who did not openly protest feel much closer to protesters than to political parties. Nevertheless, there was no structured political alternative for these people. Politics must be restructured in order be more representative with the involvement of civil society but without politicizing it. Therefore, this section on the Clean Romania platform is envisioned as a space for regular citizens and activits to freely assemble and discuss political issues.

SAR President Alina Mungiu-Pippidi, declared during the press conference about the Virtual University Square: “We’ve built it over several years. We are very content with it, it is not ours and we do not control it. A clean Romania is on everyone’s lips. Therefore we use the cyberspace of Clean Romania […] we consider it a laboratory for creating an alternative political class. We think we ought to do this, as there is no other alternative for Romania. It is absolutely natural to support this new generation of activists.” According to Alina Mungiu-Pippidi, this is a turning point in politics. Thousands of people, regular citizens and members of the civil society will participate in politics for the first time this year and the next. “They must be supported and the political class must be mobilized”, she explained.

For more information about the event ,please visit the Clean Romania website.

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