RAS and CIJ hosted ANTICORRP’s WP 6 meeting in Bucharest

RAS and CIJ (Centre for Independent Journalism) hosted ANTICORRP’s Work Package 6 project meeting in Bucharest from September 25th to September 26th, 2015. RAS was represented at the meeting by researchers Ioana Avădani, Natalia Milevschi and Valentina Dimulescu.

Work Package 6 entitled “Media and Corruption” focuses on how corruption is reflected in the media, what trends emerge in corruption coverage and how are they related with international and national strategies against corruption.

The meeting focused on methodological issues pertaining to the ongoing research on a quantitative content analysis aimed at understanding changes in the media agendas in the countries of interest (Italy, UK, France, Hungary, Slovakia, Romania, Latvia), but also on the qualitative part consisting in four case studies on corruption involving journalists.

This work package will provide the first assessment on the media’s vulnerability to corruption, explaining under what circumstances the media can play its expected role of bolstering normative constraints.

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