The Romanian Academic Society is a member of UNCAC Coalition

The Romanian Academic Society is honoured to become part of the UN Coalition Against Corruption (UNCAC ). Established in 2006, the Coalition encompasses a wide range of non-governmental organisations with a role in promoting and respecting the rules and standards of the United Nations Convention Against Corruption. The Secretariat is ensured by Transparency International, and among its members one can count Access Info Europe, Basel Institute on Governance, Christian Aid, Institute for Security Studies in Africa, Tax Justice Network, UNICORN, as well as other international, regional and local networks.

Beginning with 2010, the Coalition launched the so-called Mechanism for the Review of the Implementation of the United Nations Convention against Corruption. Its purpose is to evaluate the implementation by the member states of the principles stated in the Convention. Thus, the efforts of the Coalition are directed towards the consolidation of civil society by sharing experiences and corruption-monitoring methodologies, building partnerships and exchanging updates about the status of UNCAC reviews.

The Southeast Europe Anti-Corruption Platform, supported by SELDI (South-East European Leadership for Development and Integrity), facilitates the interaction between interested actors to understand the activity and the role of NGOs from the region in the development/writing and updating of these reviews. More details about SELDI can be found here.

RAS’s mission and objectives are aligned with what UNCAC stands for and this international acknowledgement strengthens RAS’ position as a watchdog organisation and an anti-corruption initiatives leader.

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