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Case studies on corruption involving journalists: Romania

The case studies reports produced within Work Package 6: Media and corruption have been published. The case studies on corruption involving journalists aim to contextualize the key findings of the previous report on how the media covers corruption. More precisely,
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Research Report: The use of hateful speech during the political campaign for presidential elections of 2014 and its reflection in the media

Hateful or discriminatory discourse against minorities is often employed by Romanian politicians in order to gain electoral capital. This report analyzes the incidence and main characteristics of the discriminatory discourse during the 2014 Romanian presidential campaign, by employing both a
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POLICY BRIEF #65 The Game of Influences: The Vested Interests Behind Romanian Media

This policy brief presents and analyzes the current state of the Romanian media, and raises important questions about the commonly held notion that the press in Romania is actually “free”. The report evaluates the overall level of independence of the
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