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ROMANIA: The Political Economy of a Constitutional Crisis

What lies behind Romania’s bitter power struggle of spring-summer 2012? The economic crisis is not particularly dramatic in Romania, a country sheltered by its high underground economy and intense labor migration from the crisis-related unemployment which hurts other European economies.
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09.2011: “The Faces of the Romanian Legal System” by Laura Stefan

One of the major deficiencies of the Romanian legal system is the slow speed of its procedures. Cases lag behind for years and years before various courts, while, in the case of the criminal system, punishing those who break the
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05.2010: SAR reports to the European Parliament on Restitution of Property in the Balkans (Download Report)

The biggest ignored policy issue in transition countries – the post-Communist restitution of property, be it in the form of land, buildings, forests or financial compensation – was analyzed by the Romanian Academic Society (SAR) on a contract with the European Parliament. Mobilizing our
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