Resource Website for Anti-Corruption

Civil Society against Corruption is a resource page dedicated to civil society activists, journalists and scholars against corruption. We document and promote anti-corruption initiatives through a database of projects, impact analyses, and diagnosis reports. The page is a partnership between the Hertie School of Governance and the Romanian Academic Society, which began with East European experiences and has become increasingly global in scope and network.

The initiator and academic director of this project is Alina Mungiu-Pippidi, a good governance and democratization professor at the Hertie School of Governance and the honorary president of the Romanian Academic Society.

We believe that governments are made accountable to people and the law only if critical citizens are actively engaged in monitoring them. This website exists to popularize actions of civil society fighting against government discretion, favoritism, and corruption and to provide models and advice to others who would like to emulate them. You are welcome to join and add new projects or stories from your experience. Contributions to the page are welcome from the entire anticorruption community.

The project is supported by the Open Society Institute – Think Tank Fund and the National Endowment for Democracy.

The database includes nearly 500 projects run by NGOs in the region. Feel free to browse them and contact the specific NGO for more details if you want to organize something similar. However, not everything works everywhere: under Diagnose and Find a Cure we try to offer some guidance on how to understand the context in which you operate and offer a selection of some of the best projects that we have seen working.

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