Volume 15, number 1 of the Romanian Journal of Political Science (PolSci)

PolSci Volume 15, number 1 (Summer 2015) comprises articles which deal with topics such as voting behaviour, the relationship between the perception, direct experience with corruption  and institutional trust and the evolution of political parties in countries such as Slovenia and the Czech Republic.

The first article explains the democratic participation in UN peacekeeping operations. The second explores the influence of voter characteristics on the magnitude of leader effects in the context of the 2012 legislative elections in Romania. The third approaches the engagement of successive Romanian governments with service delivery by third sector organisations. The fourth investigates relationships among corruption experience, perception and their impact on institutional trust in various post-communist states via structural equation modeling. The fifth is a case study of Slovenia, and examines crucial factors in the long–term success or failure of Green parties in that system. The sixth analyses the relationship between preferred ideal party’s personality and voting behaviour within the Polish political market. The seventh article analyses the stability and dynamics of the party system in the Czech Republic after 1989.

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