Volume 15, number 2 of the Romanian Journal of Political Science (PolSci)

poza Vol 15, nr. 2The latest issue of the Romanian Journal of Political Science presents studies on phenomena that affect a series of countries in Europe and not only.

The first study brings evidence to support the idea that Revolution in Military Affairs occurs more at a discursive level than a practical one, and that even less change in military affairs would occur without the discourse. The second study analyses political party financing in Slovakia, concluding that the money is mostly used for promoting the elites, rather than consolidating territorial party structures. The third analyses the process of recruiting civil servants in Georgia, sounding the alarm on selection criteria having more to do with group loyalty than professional competence. The fourth study concerns the differences between arguments used by experts regarding European integration versus arguments used by politicians, concluding that the naivety and shallowness of the latter seems to be prevailing. The fifth study analyses the effects of political constraints and discretionary fiscal policy during the financial crisis, whereas the sixth and final study of this issue discusses the effects that political competition has on government expenditure growth. In the end, the volume also contains book reviews for Choosing not to choose: understanding the value of choice and Russian Elite – 2020.

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