Volume 16, Number 1 of the Romanian Journal of Political Science

PolSci Volume 16, number 1 (Summer 2016) comprises articles which deal with themes such as effects of military coups on the economy, private pension funds and foreign direct investments. The first article deals with the effects of Xi Jinping’s political and economic transformation in China. The second explores the effects of military coups on Turkey’s Gross National Product. The third article investigates whether privately managed pension funds represent a long term alternative for the pension system in Romania. The fourth discusses participation in the administration of local welfare systems in Spain. The fifth article focuses on foreign direct investments and their institutional quality factors in Romania and Bulgaria. The sixth gives an empirical overview of the contribution of military members in the process of creating a transparent security policy in Poland. Finally, the last article analyses the exposure to foreign information as an influence factor on the R&D activity in Romania.

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