Alina Mungiu-Pippidi: “Kosovo după Ceauşescu”

Excerpted from a text published on January 17, 2008m in Romania libera.

“Romania’s Parliament is preparing to adopt a common stance on the uni-lateral declaration of independence issued by Kosovo, which will be followed by the United States and the European Union. It has already been decided that the statement will have to take into consideration Romania’s national interests, our strategic priority of integrating the Western Balkan area, international law on the topic, the dangerous precedent that would be thus created, our good relations with our neighbors and so on. I can’t wait to read this communicate, which can only turn out to be essentially necromantic and formally Byzantine, trying to reconcile various irreconcilable things. Its positive aspect, however, is that, since we’re preparing to adopt a distinctive stance from the European one, we will do it in solidarity. Meaning, with solidarity between Parliament and president. I, for one, feel I will not show solidarity with this statement. […]”

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