Working Papers 1999 – 2003

25. Halfway There. Assesing The Intergovernmental Fiscal Equalization In Romania, by Sorin Ionita – Jan 2003 (English version)
24. Romanian Environmental Fund, by Constantin Ciutacu, Luminita Chivu – April 2001
23. Political abuses in Romanian public administration. Persisting in wrong doing, by Cristian Ghinea
22. The Broken Mirror. Review Of The Evaluation Function Of The Romania’s Social Policies Ministries, by Bogdan Chiritoiu
21. State into Public. The failed reform of State TV in East Central Europe, by Alina Mungiu-Pippidi
20. On A Free Market Of Information In Romania. Comments And Proposals Around The Liberal Draft For A Free Access To Information Act, by Ciprian Fartusnic, Romanita Elena Iordache – March 2001
19. Enlightened Participation. Lessons From The Fall 2000 Electoral Campaign, by Alina Mungiu-Pippidi – Feb 2001 (English version)
18. In The Shadows. Informal Economy And The Survival Strategies Of The Unemployed In The Romanian Transition, by Alina Mungiu-Pippidi, Sorin Ionita, Denisa Mindruta – 2000 (English version)
17. Grassroots Of Government. Strategies, Attitudes And Effectiveness In Romanian Public Administration, by Sorin Ionita, Ciprian Fartusnic – 2000
16. The Political Economy Of Economic Policies In Romania, by Dragos Aligica, Denisa Mindruta
15. Elections 2000: Levels Of Analysis, by Alina Mungiu Pippidi
14. The Truth About Local Budgets: Off-Budget Revenues Of The Local Government In Romania � Case Study by Sorin Ionita, Ciprian Fartusnic
13. Growing Old Nicely: The Pension Reform In Romania, by Silviu Culea
12. Catching Up With The West: The Role Of Institutions In Overcoming Romania�s Development Gap, by Corneliu Olaru, Dragos Aligica
11. Fiscal Illusions: Tax Awareness And Welfare Ideals Among Romanian Citizens, by Sorin Ionita
10. Assessing The Health Reform Results, by Dan Suciu
9. Who Pays For Prescriptions? The International Experience With Reference Pricing And The Implications For Central Eastern Europe: A Case Study On Romania And Poland, by Bogdan Chiritoiu
8. Electoral Democracies Into Liberal Democracies: The Reform Of The Romanian Political System, by Alina Mungiu Pippidi
7. Estimating The Results Of The Mass Privatization In Romania, by John Earle, Almos Telegdy
6. Against All Odds: The Case For Introducing Study Fees In The Romanian Public Universities, by Sorin Ionita
5. The Institutional Performance Of The Romanian Local Government: Pilot Study In Three Cities, by Alina Mungiu Pippidi, Sorin Ionita
4. The Real Romanian Parliament: The Economic Views Of The Chamber Of Deputies, by Dragos Aligica, Sorin Ionita, Ciprian Fartusnic
3. The End Of Innocence: For A Professional Infrastructure Of The Romanian Politics, by Dragos Aligica
2. Party Systems In Eastern Europe: A Comparative Study On Seven Countries: Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Slovenia, by Sorin Ionita
1. Beyond Models: The Case For Realism In Economic Policy Dragos Aligica

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