Is Romania the next Italy?

Romania is often featured in the media these days as the theatre of a black and white fight between good and evil.

The once leader of Romania’s Coalition for a Clean Parliament, international anti-corruption expert Alina Mungiu-Pippidi explains why Romania’s anticorruption turned sour and why Romania travels in the footsteps of Italy, where only a minority of the public considers that corruption is less present than before the great purge undertaken via the Clean Hands campaign. When anticorruption is politicized by parties and the media, she warns, its electoral accountability effect disappears, a country gets locked in vicious conflicts, secret services and other occult groups get too powerful and the rule of law gets trampled by all sides. No judiciary has ever managed by itself to clean a country, she warns, in the absence of a representative strong government elected with such a mandate, while in Romania the majority in the Parliament and the anti-corruption establishment have been at odds for three electoral terms so far.

The full analysis is available here

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